The Seasonal Kitchen by Perla Meyers

Perla Meyers: just look at her! Wind blowing through her hair, can-do smile on her face, modern trench coat tied with purpose, striding toward her future straight from both the farmers' market and the grocery store. Nothing can stop this woman!

I was initially drawn to The Seasonal Kitchen for its design, but deeply appreciate its contents. This is a book about cooking with the seasons from the 1970s, but Perla's no hippie—she's Continental! The recipes are often a bit European for my taste (lots of veal, lots of cream, lots of crepes) and many of the recipe titles are in French so you're not always clear on what it is you're making (though the headnotes are always enthusiastic, if vague), but it's perfect for inspiration. Go get it, you modern woman!

$ 25.00